Dec 21, 2009


Ah yes, I am grateful too, since this is the time of year to fill it to the fullest. Never think that I don't count every day with my family as damn lucky, even when I complain and get all mean and naggy. Ewww, I do the scary daughter, sister, mom, and wife thing too well!

This is my boys' third Christmas and we have been together for every one of them. Sweeeet. We also just celebrated the third year anniversary of our family (Thanksgiving Day). Well, I use the term 'celebrate' loosely. Right now it's more limited to, well boys, it was three years ago today that we first met you . . . lame. Got to find more meaningful traditions . . .

Some things, conversations with 4 year olds or their parents at my boys' preschool have rubbed it in lately (see below). My boys attend Head Start where they mingle with a good diversity of people. Some kids are disabled, poor, or a little broken, although from what I see, most--all--are adorable lovely little people with a great appetite for love and learning. I like the super quiet ones when you think they are scared little mouses or unable to talk; I'll look at them and say a few things and suddenly out comes this little voice telling you about their lives: my mom's a nurse or my twin sister sleeps with me. Whoa, such little people with great big voices. (Two of my three have the littlest voices of all . . . a little girl the other day asked her mom why they wouldn't talk to her . . . I told her they don't talk much, but they are really nice!) Then there are the ones, always super excited, barely touching their feet to the ground (my boys!).

Conversations at Preschool:

Boy: Does Tsega have a mom?
Me: I'm Tsega's mom!
Boy: You're Tsega's mom???!!!!!
Me: Yes! Do you have a mom?
Boy: (Sad, head down.) She lives really far away. But I have a dad.

Me: Are you a parent or do you work here?
Woman: (Confused look) Well, I am her biological mom. [I am wondering huh, weird, why the emphasis on 'biological'?] But she's in foster care. I was so happy I was able to come today.

Note: Both foster parents came that day too and little girl called both women 'mommy' and both women adored her as did 'daddy'.

Girl: Mommy! Tsega has a daddy too!!!

Note: Single parent households dominate our preschool community so dads are sort of worshipped here. Not that I don't know some super single moms out there! ;)

I love most of all those cozy moments when you feel it overwhelmingly. Last night was like that. So, yeah, gratful.


Corinne said...

Hi, I'm fairly new to reading your blog. And wow, I think you're amazing...not just for having triplets, but for making the time to share it all with us. I loved the conversations here. Sometimes I feel so tender and protective about my brown-skinned child its easy to forget that other kids have it much harder that my own well-adjusted little tiger. Thanks!

Ashley said...

nice. thanks for sharing these stories.

Nancy said...

Me too. I'm grateful. And grateful that you are still around. Thank you for making my day just a bit brighter.

Paula said...

That was a beautiful post. :)

LISA said...

Cindy, It's been forever since i've been to your blog!(no computer) Your boys have just shot up!!Soo cute!

Robynhood said...

What a great Blog! I have been reading for a while but this is my first comment. The boys are beautiful!... I love reading about their adventures and new skills.. I also love all the photos. I have been looking at the photos from when they were tiny. My daughter is almost 5 months and also legally bald :)
I have looked through all the photos and I think that her hair is following the same pattern as Sira and Breket's.. Most of the straight stuff fell out, and there is just a little left at the back. On the top it is really curly when wet.
The boys are amazing, I cant believe how big they are getting. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your three amazing preschoolers!!
:) Robyn

Josh, Amy, Olivia, Josiah, Girum, Tarikwa, and Taye said...

Merry Christmas!