Dec 9, 2009

Dear Santa,

I have a modest, meager Christmas Wish, the perfect gift:

One dinner, just one, without anybody crying or screaming or spilling milk. Please, Santa? Oh, and maybe, since I have been very good this year, a few bites of green food from the mouths of my children?

I promise to be good next year too. Thank you.


ethiograndma said...

Triplets are 3x the fun, also 3x the noise, 3x the crying, 3x the spilling and so on. But you already knew that :)

Cindy said...

Well, at least my mom hears me. Guess nobody else supports my humble Christmas wish based on the silence here in Comments-ville. Really, don't I get any sympathy points for bad parenting? :)

ethiograndma said...

Well, you directed it to Santa and he's very busy this time of year!

Mimi T. said...

I'll give you some sympathy, and I'd come babysit if you'd let me and I lived closer! I love your blog and your babies!! They are perfect and beautiful and I look forward to your updates.
As a mom of a 22 year old and a 13 year old, I can tell you that I MISS those dinners and the fussing and the spilling and just the warmth and love that I felt every time I was breathing the same air as my two boys. My oldest has moved out, started his own life, the 13 year old is pushing me away, and I MISS THEM every single minute of every single day. Enjoy all the "moments" because pretty soon.......they're gone.

Camille said...

I can so relate to your Dear Santa letter. I am the adoptive mom of Ethiopian twin boys. We are two years behind you in the journey and flew to Addis on Thanksgiving Day 2008.