Dec 24, 2009

Who's Naughty

I love using Santa as a threat . . . oh, so naughty, Santa won't come tonight!

Santa, because I know you are reading (he sees everything!), please note the following bad behaviors last weekend as you check your list.

At the Mall. Funny, but embarrassing and quite defiant and overall pretty difficult. I knew it would be a bad exit, I knew. I had to drag Tsega from under a clothing rack, and I mean draaag, kicking and screaming under my grip in what escalated into a very public and royal fit. (Really folks, this is not an abduction!) Meanwhile, daddy was trying to put jackets on what appeared to be 2 clowns in full production of The Greatest Show on Earth: rolling, falling, bouncing, roaring, hysterical twin clowns. I liked the audience gathering for a laugh; the Salvation Army bell ringer, a clerk, in particular the lady describing the scene over a cell phone as I walked past, momentarily pretending I was not part of this circus act.

Please also note these good natured people on your list . . . I'll take a chuckle over the horrified holier-mom-than-thou (aka, control-your-child-you-hopeless-loser) glare anyday!

Then there was the grocery store the very next day . . . it's enough.

As for Jerry and I, we made it to the parking lot still smiling with a good tone and medium volume in our voice, so either we are crazy, dulled with fatigue, or incredibly patient (in public, ha!). Bless us.

OK, they are so freakin cute and excited lately, let's give them a break. They're only three. A whole lot of three! And way more nice than naughty. Well . . . not including this morning.

Merry Christmas!

Pictures from last fall. Man in orange shirt is not Jerry, FYI.

Hippie chick in background amused.

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Mama Papaya said...

Merriest of merries from our house to yours.