Dec 15, 2009


I believe big in toy organization. Toy boxes should hold no more than one layer of toys. Use cabinets and shelves and boxes; each box holds only 1 toy type (like blocks in one box or train sets in another). This way us parents can avoid over stimulating or boring the child and we keep toys alive through rotation. So after a good morning of organizing the kids' closet (a kids closet we built in lieu of more hall closet space when we learned we were going to be parenting triplets), either I forgot to lock the closet door (oh yeah, locks everywhere!) or Sira scooted a chair up to unlock the door himself. My doing took about 5 minutes of undoing mixed with a bit of lack of supervision. Notice the children are not in the pictures. A quick angry howl from me and the little ones scurried the heck out of there, although humor quickly took over as I ran and grabbed the camera. What are you going to do?


Haitian-American Family of Three said...

I do the same thing, toys separated into bins and taken out one or two bins at a time. Its kind of soothing at the end of the day to put everything back in its place---well after a glass of wine---

dnk_patterson said...

good to hear you are doing good. I have been married for 17 years and living in south carolina. I was looking at classmates, and your name was the only one I could remember . remember when we did that odd couple skit in drama? remember sybil? Don Patterson

jayme said...

Oy! As always, I feel your pain. I do find it hilarious that the super loud bells have been placed on the top shelf. Perhaps in the future, they should be placed front and center. At least then you'd get wind of the destruction as it's happening!